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2021 Inaugural Class of Climate Fellows

Nida Hussain.jpeg

Dr. Nida Hussain is a board-certified Internist working as a physician in Pakistan. She also serves as the pro-chancellor at the Ziauddin University as well as a professor and consultant physician at the Ziauddin Hospital. She is also a Diplomat of American Board of Internal Medicine

Dr. Nida Hussain

Pro Chancellor & Professor

IMG_2020-09-10 130342_330641270737978638

Dr. Sana Asif Siddiqui is a general adult psychiatrist and student psychiatrist at Aga Khan University, Karachi. She graduated from Dow Medical College and did her residency at Aga Khan University. After completing her fellowship, she joined the department of psychiatry at Aga Khan University and is full-time faculty there. Her research interests include medical education, integration of technology in clinical practice, college mental health, and liaison psychiatry.

Whenever she gets time off from clinical work she likes to read fiction and is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. She feels relaxed around nature and is passionate about its preservation. Among her friends, she is known for advocating the elimination of single-use plastics from daily routine.

Dr. Sana Asif Siddiqui

 Senior Instructor & Student Psychiatrist

Dr. Murwah Tariq.jpg

Dr. Murwah Tariq is a highly motivated resident dermatologist who is passionate about expanding access to care among the most vulnerable populations in Pakistan. She also serves as a Quality Assurance and Patient Safety Manager at doctHERs. 

Dr. Murwah Tariq

Resident Dermatologist & Quality Assurance and Patient Safety Manager 

Sunita Sindhu.jpeg

Dr. Sunita Devi is a passionate doctor who embraces the need of her patients as the priority to provide high-quality care through effective clinical practice and evidence-based research. She is a humanist and nature lover who wants to work to save the planet earth.

Dr. Sunita Devi

Physician & Gastroenterology Post Graduate Trainee

Zakki WaqarCapture.PNG

Dr. Zakki Waqar is an emergency medicine physician currently working in a public hospital in Lahore. He appreciates the value of public health and the limitations of curative science that can never win this race against diseases alone. He believes prevention is the ultimate key to keep this world free of preventable morbidity and mortality. 

He started pursuing MPH, seeing it as an opportunity to work in public health that has always been sidelined in Pakistan - one of the countries most affected by climate change. His interests include working on climate change and its health effects in Pakistan and all over the world, understanding its causes and effects on human life since it is now one biggest threat not only to human life but all life on earth. He considers himself 'merely a student,' determined to learn about climate change.

Dr. Zakki Waqar 

Medical Officer

Nawal Moin.PNG

 Dr. Nawal Moin is a physician with a passion for heart health and a research and practice interest in cardiac health innovations. She draws as a hobby and reads a lot of nonfiction books.

Dr. Nawal Moin


Muhammad Imtiaz.jpg

Dr. Muhammad Ali Imtiaz is a humanitarian health physician with expertise in providing clinical care in the rural, least developed areas where these skills can best be utilized.  He also serves as a Medical Doctor with Doctors Without Borders.  He has a special interest in tropical medicine. 

Dr. Muhammad Ali Imtiaz

 Humanitarian Physician

Sidrah Fatimah.jpg

Dr. Sidra Fatimah is a telemedicine public health physician with an MPH and several years of clinical practice experience. She spends most of her time serving with an NGO
connecting online the rural and underprivileged communities all over Pakistan, to healthcare and providing them medical assistance.

Dr. Sidra Fatimah

 Telemedicine Physician

Mehreen Durrani.png

Dr. Mehreen Durrani is a physician with expertise in child health and a passion to advocate for child health and education within her community as she firmly believes that a healthy generation of young souls can serve the lead for the evolution of society with bigger perspectives.

Dr. Mehreen Durrani

 Physician/Pediatric Resident

Rehma Gilani.png

Dr. Rehma Gilani is an OBGYN turned public health practitioner, clinical research trainer, and passionate advocate of sustainable healthy policy. She holds a Masters in Public Health. She has also completed clinical research management training from NIH, Bethesda USA, and Certification in Principles and Practices of Clinical Research from Harvard. Her work has taken her to the congested, hot corridors of Civil Hospital Karachi to nursing homes at Surrey County Council to overcrowded OPD of public sector hospital, and finally to the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS), where she currently serves. Her passion is to underscore maternal and child health issues linked with social, economic determinants of health and with women's education. 

Dr. Rehma Gilani

 Physician, Public Health Practitioner, Clinical Research Instructor  

Humna Khalid.jpg

Dr. Humna Khalid currently serves as a Resident dermatologist in Pakistan. She has worked in primary and secondary health care departments for 2.5 years, and a tertiary setup for almost a year. She has a passion to advocate for the neglected communities in rural villages. Beating back societal pressures and shattering norms, she became a physician to serve marginalized communities and to empower women. She is passionate about educating women in rural areas and ultimately transforming the rural communities as a whole. She believes educated mothers would help prevent many of the diseases exacerbated by climate change such as diarrhea and malnutrition, especially among infants. 

Dr. Humna Khalid


Kamran Iqbal.jpg

Dr. Kamran Iqbal is currently working with World Bank for Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare. He also serves as a senior medical expert and core team member of the Infection Prevention Control Taskforce of the Sindh Healthcare Commission, Founder, Pakistan Digital Health Initiative, also Founder Curator of Global Shapers Hub, Karachi, an initiative of World Economic Forum. Having served in senior leadership roles in key healthcare organizations of Pakistan, Dr. Kamran’s focus areas include strategic program development, management in healthcare delivery systems, integration of primary healthcare, health promotion/disease prevention in communicable and non-communicable diseases, social innovation, and enterprise development.

Dr. Kamran Iqbal

 Public-Private Partnerships in Healtcare, World Bank Group

Hafsa Zaman.PNG

Dr. Hafsa Zaman is a primary care physician with over a decade of experience in clinical medicine. She has worked as an Instructor with Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine. She also has experience working as Healthcare Manager in Health Care Hospital (Pvt)(Ltd). Along with working as a primary care physician, she has been working as a certified mental health counselor for the past 4 years. She has also been working with a leading telemedicine company as a telemedicine physician. She thoroughly believes prevention is better than cure.

Dr. Hafsa Zaman

 Primary Care Physician/Counselor

Hasban Ahmed.jpg

Dr. Hasban Ahmed is a physician and proud graduate of the King Edward Medical University. He has also received prestigious national awards including the Quaid-E-Azam Scholarship and the Chief Minister Punjab Scholarship during his academic career. He has a passion for advancing equitable healthcare delivery. He currently serves as a Senior Medical Officer at Tahir Heart Institute, Rabwah.

Dr. Hasban Ahmed

 Senior Medical Officer

Iqbal Haider.PNG

Dr. Iqbal Haider is an Associate Professor at the Department of Medicine, Khyber Teaching Hospital/Khyber Medical College, Peshawar Pakistan. Serving in many roles including a physician, medical educator, and clinical supervisor, he continues to pursue advanced training to ensure the highest quality patient care and mentorship for his students. To prepare the future generation of physicians, he hopes to lead the efforts on Climate Medicine leadership. 

Dr. Iqbal Haider

 Physician & Professor

Naveed Shahban Ahmed.jpg

Dr. Naveed Ahmed is a public health physician with experience of more than 20 years in the healthcare sector. He has expertise in evidence-based public health strategies and program development, management, and implementation. He also holds an MBA and his alma mater includes Johns Hopkins University, Aga Khan University,  and Lahore University of Management Sciences. In addition, also participated in many international and national conferences, various TV and radio programs for providing expert opinion on health systems-related issues in Pakistan. He has been affiliated with Interactive Research and Development, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, Marie Stopes International, Aga Khan University Hospital, Parkway Group Healthcare Pte., and also a member of College of Family Medicine of Pakistan as a practicing physician. He is passionate about digital health, innovation, and connecting the right people and underserved communities to have an impact on patients' lives and support healthcare professionals.

Dr. Naveed Shahban Ahmed

Public Health Physician

Roshni Ashiq Ali.jpg

Dr. Roshni Ashiq is a physician-scientist currently serving with Aahung, a national NGO. She also holds an MSPH. Dr. Roshni has been a versatile public speaker in the field of health care especially when it comes to talking about sexual and reproductive health. She has expertise in gender and AYSRH health. She is an alumnus of the country advocacy network at the continental level and has successfully completed the Gender Equality Leadership program. She has been a speaker on gender harassment at workplaces at several multi-disciplinary platforms and conducts interactive and participants centered training on health care and gender-related themes. . Her experience as a physician and her current community leadership work on health equity for the marginalized and underserved communities is based on ensuring the provision of basic health care facilities for all thus improving access and opportunities for all.

Dr. Roshni Ali

 Public Health Physician

Ghulam Mujtaba Nasir.jpg

Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Nasir is passionate for researching about health prevention and health promotion. In 2019, he was awarded Marie-Curie Fellowship to work on Horizon 2020 EuroAgeism Project at the Robert Gordon University, United Kingdom. In 2012-13, he was granted the scholarship to study for Master course in Public Health. Prior to this, he completed a degree in Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. He has clinical as well as public health experience of working with national and international organizations. His noteworthy moment was presentation of his work at the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Gothenburg, Sweden. This offered him excellent communication skills. His interests are clinical and social health, public health, patient centered outcomes, and environmental health issues. His one of the major goals is to act as an advocate for the environmental exposures in air, water, soil and food to protect people and provide communities with healthier environments.

Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Nasir

 Physician & Community Medicine Professor 

Farishta Ali.PNG

Dr. Farishta Ali is a recent graduate with expertise in critical care management and preventative medicine. She actively pursues community leadership and service activities beyond her clinical practice.  Dr. Farishta Ali is an ardent advocate of health as a human right and education for all. 

Dr. Farishta Ali

Primary Care Physician

Shoba Luxmi.PNG

Dr. Shobha Luxmi is an infectious diseases physician with comprehensive training, including a fellowship in internal medicine in 2009 and a fellowship in infectious diseases in 2012. Her interests include infection control, tropical medicine, and antimicrobial resistance. As a faculty, she has been actively teaching about infection control and the impact of antimicrobial resistance on mortality and morbidity among vulnerable populations. She has also been serving as an instructor for WHO on infection control and vector-born diseases. She is a mother of a lovely 15-year-old girl.. Dr. Luxmi loves to travel, watch TV, and cook.

Dr. Shoba Luxmi

Professor & Infectious Diseases Expert

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